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For seventeen years, Georgetown Taekwondo has successfully helped students realize their potential in martial arts. Taekwondo combines the benefits of physical exercise with the development of mental focus and discipline. It is also an effective system of self-defense, leading you to have confidence and courage in your daily life. The staff at Georgetown Taekwondo are dedicated to helping their students train and improve, seeing the positive effects spread to all aspects of life.

How Taekwondo Benefits Your Kids

Georgetown Taekwondo’s Martial Arts Success System has helped hundreds of kids. As every parent knows, exercise is important to children’s health, combating obesity, unhealthy television and video game addiction, and lifelong negative lifestyle habits. Not only does martial arts provide regular, structured exercise, but Taekwondo has an equal emphasis on mental and moral development. The teachings of Taekwondo require the student to cultivate concentration, focus, and awareness of the self and others. Over and over again, the instructors at Georgetown Taekwondo have seen students improve their confidence at school, their ability to defend themselves and others from bullies, and their focus and concentration on schoolwork. Many students have achieved better grades and leadership qualities through their involvement with martial arts.

How Taekwondo Benefits Adults

Do you wish to lose weight and gain energy? Are you bored of your workout routine, or frustrated with trying to motivate yourself? Taekwondo is fun, mentally stimulating, and social. It provides you with valuable skills for self defense. At the same time, it’s a full body workout that improves strength, muscle tone, and flexibility, and promotes weight loss and confidence.

Why Georgetown Taekwondo

  • 17 years in the Georgetown community
  • A focus on full lifestyle change to a healthier life
  • Qualified instructors who are dedicated to success
  • Classes for children, teens, and adults
  • Black belt training and the opportunity to compete in tournaments
  • Spacious, fully matted studio
  • Free trial class